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GIS-based G&G Database – Sarawak, Sabah and Southern Gulf of Thailand

JMJ Petroleum has generated a GIS-based exploration database for the onshore and offshore basins of Sarawak, Sabah, and the southern part of the Gulf of Thailand (Malay Basin) - designed to help evaluate the hydrocarbon potential and risk and uncertainty of the onshore and offshore as a means of defining the exploration potential of the pre-, syn- and post-rift sections of the basins. This in-depth block evaluation has been constrained by seismic, well, gravity, geochemical, heat flow and other complimentary datasets.


The GIS G&G database contains:

  • Prospects and Leads
  • Exploration Opportunity Summaries
  • E&P Data
  • Major Fields and Discoveries
  • Key Dry Wells
  • Culture Data
  • Tectonics and Structure
  • Tectonostratigraphy for Each Basin
  • Essential Play Elements
  • Basin Modelling
  • Gross Depositional Environment Maps
  • Gravity Data, including full Interpretation
  • Landsat Data
  • Bathymetry and Elevation (SRTM) Data

The resultant GIS G&G project database covers the following key areas:

  • Sarawak
  • Sabah
  • Southern Malay Basin
  • (Including Brunei and selected elements for East and West Natuna and Nam Con Son Basins)

Over 100 hyperlinked seismic and well correlation panels

Over 200 georeferenced maps, figures and images


Malaysia Study – A Summary


GIS G&G Project and A3 Hard Copy Report


A Petroleum Systems Evaluation of the basins of Malaysia, including a GIS-based G&G Regional Database for the Sarawak (including Luconia and Balingian Provinces), Sabah and Southern Gulf of Thailand regions of Malaysia. The ‘GIS G&G Regional Project’ contains multiple interpretational layers and G&G datasets, which includes the following thematic layers:

  • Over 200 georeferenced maps, figures and images.
  • Detailed TWT maps for selected offshore areas in Sarawak, including Top MMU (Mid Miocene Unconformity), Top Economic Basement and Sea Bed.
  • Over 100 hyperlinked images of seismic, interpreted seismic and cross sections that illustrate overall basin/rift geometry, the relationship of essential play elements and key discoveries.
  • Geothermal gradient maps.
  • Geochemical data: Vitrinite reflectance data; biomarker data; gas chromatographic traces; source facies and maturity variations; geochemical summaries from logs; bulk hydrocarbon properties; distribution and relative proportion of CO2 and hydrocarbon gases.
  • Defined zones of overpressure.
  • Defined reefal build-ups.
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