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Home Studies Makassar Straits-East Kalimantan

 Makassar Straits-East Kalimantan

GIS-based G&G Database and Report

Makassar Straits-East Kalimantan 01

GIS G&G Project and A3 Hard Copy Report


A Petroleum Systems Evaluation of the Makassar Straits-East Kalimantan Basins.

A GIS-based G&G Regional Database for the Makassar Straits-East Kalimantan region of Indonesia. The ‘GIS G&G Regional Project’ contains multiple interpretational layers and G&G datasets, as detailed below:

  • Over 100 georeferenced maps, figures and images.
  • Defined reefal build-ups.
  • Hyperlinked images of seismic, interpreted seismic and cross sections that illustrate overall basin/rift geometry, the relationship of essential play elements and key discoveries.
  • Detailed TWT maps for the Kutie Basin, Pater Noster Shelf, Barito Basin, Masalembo High and East Florence Ridge.
  • Detailed Base Tertiary Map generated from well tops and seismic data.
  • Gross Depositional Environment (GDE) and Play Maps.
  • Numerous defined prospects and leads.
Makassar Straits-East Kalimantan 02 Makassar Straits-East Kalimantan 03